The below was posted as a comment on my 2020-05-05 blog Spotting non-false fabrications in the news: Coronavirus-Origins as example.

Posted by S.J., a resident of another community,
on May 8, 2020 at 11:14 am

I would totally suggest deleting my comment because it does not pertain to your current blog post topic, but I do hope you'll read it, particularly since you've felt the need to post a disclaimer on this subject in this post.

I've been following several of your recent blog posts, and also blogs elsewhere, and I have become quite impressed that the comment area for your posts is consistently managed so as to be civil and the overall tone of each seems to make it possible to contribute/participate. I was recently quite appalled at the lack of moderation on some blogs that included topics similar to yours and/or the extreme correction (shutting down comments entirely, etc) required to stop toxicity because the moderator hadn't stepped in early on.

While I have no idea if I agree with every comment deletion that you've made as I've not seen the original comments, thanks for staying on top of this.