PTOD: California Avenue Pedstrian/Transit Oriented Development Combining District

Council hearing 2006-July-17

Public testimony on this item was completed at the 2006-July-17 meeting, but Council discussion (and decision) was held over to the 2006-July-24 meeting. Although the public testimony is closed, you may still send e-mail to Council (Advice). It is item 3 on the agenda.

Clarification: In my Submission to Council, I used 87,500 sqft as the maximum calculated retail space (Attachment D, page 12). On the previous page, there is a number of 190,000 sqft. I did not use this number because it was explained to me as a first approximation (labelled "theoretical") that included required components that were easy to compute. The number I cited was the one computed by staff/consultants that incorporated the adjustments based upon practical experience (such as the need for streets within a 12-acre property). This was presented as the realistic maximum for this site, so it was the one I used.