Skunk odor removal formula, posted by Barron Park (Neighborhood) Association

From a newsgroup. Reposted so many times that the origin is obscure.

Paul Krebaum, a chemist for the Molex corporation in Lisle, Illinois, has developed a foolproof odor remover. This odor remover works on anything including decomposing organic matter, fecal matter, urine and skunk spray.

Apply the below mixture to your pet when dry (water only dilutes the chemicals). Use rubber gloves.

Be careful not to avoid the eyes, nose and mouth.

Have towels ready. Because there is some chance of transfer, you may want to use disposable ones.

Let solution sit on the pet for only a few minutes (less than 10), then rinse off with water.

Apply outdoors if possible (probably have to use bathroom for a cat).

This odor remover is made from simple household ingredients (double for larger dogs):

The proportion of Peroxide to Baking Soda is critical. Amount of soap recommended varies between sources (Example: Other forms of recipe have only 1/2 teaspoon of disk soap).
Mix the three ingredients together and use immediately. The chemical reaction produced from these ingredients lasts only a limited time.

More explanation: The soap breaks down the oils that bind the active ingredients in the skunk's scent to object sprayed. The hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixture oxidizes (breaks down) the active ingredients into ones that do not smell. If you were to attempt to store this mixture in a bottle, the rapid generation of oxygen gas could cause the bottle to explode.

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