Resume Overview
Douglas B. Moran

System Builder and Integrator

My activities as a researcher are atypical: During my graduate research, I learned that integrating even seemingly compatible theories was often more challenging than developing any of those theories. My experience is that there is no substitute for implementing a system and then vigorously exercising it: That process reveals not only problems, but also opportunities. And, being a system builder by nature, I find these activities very rewarding.

My career as a researcher involved building substantial, long-lived systems. The software engineering and project management required for these systems corresponds to what I have seen in release 1.1 (and beyond) of commercial systems from startups and similar commercial entities.


My approach to computer security is strongly user-oriented (rather than technology-driven) as a result of my atypical path into the field. First, my initial experiences were primarily operational: it was part of maintaining needed infrastructure. Second, my research background was in user interfaces, further sensitizing me to those issues in computer security activities.

Presentation Skills

I am a highly skilled presenter of technical information and vision at multiple levels and a wide range of audiences: technical staff, technical management, management of major business units and companies, and even a head of state. I have also played a key role in preparing presentations for clients to give to their top management and their governments.

Leadership style

Most of the people I have managed have been very bright and highly motivated, so my role as a leader has been to provide focus, to remove obstacles, and to promote teamwork. I am at core a teacher/mentor and I found that that attitude and skill set to be highly effective in managing such groups.