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Subj: Organic Multipurpose Tackifiers & Binders for HydroSeeding, Erosion Control & Stabilization

EPI's Organic products.

EcoTak are one of the most Economical, Efficient & Multipurpose Organic Tackifiers, Soil Binding Glue and meets or exceeds minimum requirements for non-asphaltic Tacking Emulsion.

EcoTak : * Hydro Seeding / Hydro Mulching creates ideal micro-Environment & promoting early seed Germination
             * Hay and Straw Tacking / Binding * Fiber Mulch Binding * Erosion Control
             * Dust Control * Re-Vegetation / Reclamation * Waste Water Treatment

EcoTak-OP 5 is most popular Organic Tackifiers / Binder for Hydro Seeding / Hydro Mulching. Mixed 40 to 50 lb. per acre with or without seed, fertilizer & mulch. Spray the slurry as soon as you mix the Tackifier. After drying will form a transparent crust. As seed start germinating this will Biodegrade.

EcoTak - SAT 11 is Organic nontoxic premium Soil additive for all Dirt or Hardscape surface. It is Organic Glue that Binds particles together to prevent Soil loss & Dust Erosion surface pathways, jogging trails & cemeteries & highways.

EcoTak - SAT 11 use for Soil Moisture Controlling Organic Glue and is said ideal for Recreational and Playground application where Soft Textured Surface is needed to Cushion Falls and help Prevent Injuries.

EcoTak - SAT 11 works as Organic Germination enhancer by absorbing water initially and release moisture according to Plant's & Seedbed's needs. In substantial Plug formation or critical germination and young Seeding Growth, It is an excellent Soil Binder at the same time retain enough moisture & control humidity of the soil during germination and helps easy pull out of plug from the tray.

On Golf Course it Stabilizes rolling Dunes, Embankments and heavy use foot & cart paths. It is also used on Tracks, Stable & Horse arenas area, in base or cushion materials and reduce reliance on costly, less esthetics like concrete and asphalt for garden pathways and trails. This can be use with aggregate materials, mulch, sand, woodchips, decomposed granite & topsoil.

EcoTak PS Seed which is used as a Nurse Crop for Quick Cover Erosion Control requirement. It Disappears after flowering. Use 15-20 lb. per acre along with other grass seed mix. Start germinating in 3 to 7 days. This seed have it own property of controlling moisture. Single steam plant grows maximum height up to 6 to 8 inch. Approx. 3 to 4 month before it flowers.

EcoCoir made from coconut fiber:      * Erosion Control      * Nurseries
Coir Logs:                                       * Shoreline Protection * Stream Bank Stabilization

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Environmentally Safe & Friendly

Natural Biodegradable Hydrocolloids, Coir and Jute Fiber Products
for Erosion Control and Re-Vegetation

EcoTak: Organic Biodegradable hydrocolloids based products which are the best
                   NATURAL TACKIFIERS available.

EcoCoir: Organic Biodegradable Coir Fiber Products such as COIR GEOFABRICS,
                   COIR NETS, etc.

EcoNet:   Organic Biodegradable COIR FIBER DOUBLE NETS filled with COIR

EcoFelt: Organic Biodegradable NEEDLED FELT COIR FIBER NETTING /

EcoLogs: Organic Biodegradable COIR FIBER ROLLED IN SAUSAGE SHAPE,
                   enveloped in hand knotted Coir nets.

EcoBed: Organic Biodegradable COIR FIBER ROLLED IN BED SHAPE, enveloped
                  in hand knotted Coir nets.

EcoJute: Organic Biodegradable BURLAP GEOFABRICS either in Fabric and/or Net

EcoPit: Organic Biodegradable substitute of PEAT available in Briquette form Enriched
            with N.P.K. if required.

Eco-Compost: Organic Biodegradable COIR PITH / DUST COMPOST enriched with
                        Organic Compost - the best Fertilizer available.

EcoStik: Organic substitute for MOSS STICK/PLANT SUPPORT.

EcoPot: Organic COIR PITH / DUST POT.

EcoBasket: Organic COIR BASKET.

Environmentally Safe and Friendly
Natural Tackifiers / Binders


EcoTak-OP & SAT are high quality Natural Tackifiers designed for fiber mulch binding hay/straw tacking and dust control.


EcoTak-OP & SAT have the properties of fast tank dispersion and absorption and retention of moisture. When mixed with water, both turn into a slurry and become viscous. These natural Tackifiers act as gelling, hardening and holding agents will not only retain moisture but will also provide a perfectly stable micro climate for seed germination.

EcoTak range of Tackifiers swells & become sticky in presence of water.  When sprayed over the soil surface, the moisture is released from the activated particles and they stick and bind to whatever they come in contact with i.e. seeds, fertilizer/even surface soil.  This action helps hold revegetation and erosion control materials in the place during Critical Germination and Young Seedling Growth.

EcoTak-SAT when mixed into seedbed in the nurseries, binds the seedbed together for easy transplant of seedlings. It retains enough moisture and humidity to expedite germination. It acts as a Natural growth-stimulant.

EcoTak-OP and EcoTak-SAT act as an "Agricultural Adhesive." It forms a "Protective Blanket" over seed and soil allowing the penetration of rain and in effect glues seed & hay / straw to the soil surface thus reducing soil erosion.
EcoTak-OP & SAT can be mixed with water and sprayed over soil using Hydro seeder / sprayer to hold dust.


HydroSeeding / HydroMulching
Hay/Straw Tacking / Stabilizing
Fiber Mulch Binding
Dust Control o Re-vegetation
Seedbed / Cube Binder Moisture Controlling Glue


Economical and Efficient Holding Power: EcoTak holds seed and immediate surrounding soil in place until germination and growth is accomplished. This reduces the impact of rain, wind and displacement of planted material. This also increases water infiltration and reduces water runoff.
High Viscosity
Hydro Seeder Lubricant:
EcoTak act as lubricant for many moving parts of Hydro seeder / sprayer and also lubricate slurry thereby reducing the potential for clogging. Drift Control by making slurry tacky & holding products in Place.
Improve slurry flow and  Suspension: Slurry reaches Further with the same pump force.
Fast, easy loading
Reduce moisture loss,
Fertilizer leaching
Non toxic, non corrosive all
Natural. Reducing soil erosion and moisture permeation without harm to vegetation or the environment.
Form a firm, resilient,
Rewettable membrane
Enhance Germination
Drift Control of Spray
Cold water soluble

Mixing Instructions:

Add EcoTak slowly to the forceful stream of water in the HydroSeeder. Agitate vigorously with appropriate quantities of fiber mulch, seed and fertilizer.

Application Rate:

EcoTak-OP: Average rate:
40 to 50 pounds per acre.

EcoTak-SAT: Average rate:
40 to 120 pounds per acre.

Greater or lesser quantities can be applied based on application, amount of fiber/straw, erosion potential, soil conditions, temperature, humidity and slope.

The Information given here and the recommendations made herein are based on our research and are believed to be accurate. No guarantee of their accuracy is made. In every case we urge and recommend that purchaser before using any product in full scale production make their own tests to determine to their own satisfaction whether the product is of acceptable quality and is suitable for their particular purpose under their own operating conditions.  The product discussed herein is sold without any warranty as to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any other warranty, expressed or implied.  Nothing that has been mentioned here should be taken as permission, inducement or recommendation to practice any patented invention without a license.  No representative of ours has any authority to waive or change the forgoing provision.

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